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Course for students: Working Life Skills -bootcamp for future leaders and business professionals

16.12.2019 08:30

Sali U119

Course for students: Working Life Skills -bootcamp for future leaders and business professionals

You’re warmly welcome to the course ‘Working life skills of an expert and team leader’ of The Finnish Business School Graduates at Aalto University on December 16–17.

Learn from the best and take a head start for your career. (*Course is held in English.)

If you’d like to receive a virtual Open Badge as a proof of your new skills, you have to have your final assignment done and approved.

This two-day precise training camp gives you super skills which you can use already in the beginning of your career. Your working life skills leap to a new level and you’ll be better equipped for your everyday professional challenges.

Schedule on December 16–17: 8:30 - 16:30 (coffee is served at 8:30)

Working Life Skills -bootcamp emerged from the needs and wishes of the business students and young professionals. Many may have desired concrete working life skills at the end of their studies. Finding your own direction and meaningful work is important and bringing extra security to overcome challenging situations in working life would be surely a welcomed addition for each of us. Many of us are willing to learn and understand leadership and management work more in depth. Growing your knowledge, you will be stronger to make the headway and insist the right salary for you.

During the course, you will have practical exercises

  • how to distinguish yourself and succeed in job search
  • how to negotiate employment contract
  • how to have successful salary bargaining

You will also find ways of working in real world by experimenting the role of a team leader through case tasks in the most typical situations of the working life. You will learn what are the hot topics of working life today and which of these topics you should know. Your opinions will not depend completely on media anymore and the information is with you and works as your strength e.g. at conversations with employer.

The course is very interactive and engaging so we’re looking forward to eye-opening and inspiring discussions and questions throughout the days.

Completing the course requires handing in a pre-assignment and active participation during the two-day course.

Aalto Biz students: Join this course (20C00201, 1 credit) in WebOodi
Students of other Finnish Universities: Sign in here.

*For non-Aalto students it is also possible to apply for a credit in your own university, but unfortunately Finnish Business School Graduates can’t guarantee this.

More information on working life courses: Tanja Hankia, client relations specialist, students and young business school graduates

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Open badge

If you’d also like to receive a virtual Open Badge as a proof of your new skills, you have to have your final assignment done and approved.

Open Badge is a digital token for recognizing and acknowledging expertise, learning and skills. Open Badge can be linked to your CV or shared to different social media networks and platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter for job seeking, training or lifelong learning purposes.

All those who complete the Working life skills course of The Finnish Business School Graduates at the end of 2019 and have their assignments approved, will have the honour to receive the first Open Badge ever of The Finnish Business School Graduates.

More information on Open Badge: Anu Varpenius, client relations specialist, anu.varpenius@ekonomit.fi


Our top trainers are:

The trainers are acknowledged experts in their area and can tell the toughest curves of the labour market in plain language.

Tiina Myöhänen-Astikainen, career coach, is responsible for matters related to career building and job seeking and gives tips and advice to salary negotiations. Her daily work includes coaching the members of The Finnish Business School Graduates in a variety of matters related to career and salary development as well as well-being at work.

Myöhänen-Astikainen has a strong expertise of human resources and leadership and career coaching. Her newest ambition is conflict mediation and work community skills. As a trainer she is encouraging and loves to open up new perspectives to look at the working life. She is so excited to attend this course and help you to get the best possible skill set to working life.

Annika Pohjolainen, Legal Counsel, is responsible for legal affairs during the course. Pohjolainen is a Master of Law specialised in employment and contract law, dispute resolution and employment law matters from the perspective of both employees and employers as well as the courts. In her daily work Pohjolainen advises members in a variety of labour law matters. In addition, she gives expert opinions on employment and director’s/CEO service contracts and represents members against their employers.

Her part includes practical and useful information on basic labour law matters and contents of an employment contract, supported by hands-on exercises on how it all works in practice. Pohjolainen sees this training as a great opportunity to acquire a general understanding on the legal framework of working life in Finland.


Ted Apter, Special Advisor, Labour Market Policy, trains on labour market basics and different problematic situations as a manager or team leader. Apter is, among his other duties, senior advisor for audit and business consulting industry at YTN, Akava’s negotiating body for managerial staff, and has through his work increased working life awareness of young adults for years already.

A lawyer by profession, Apter is an expert in EU policies and into developing a better and more diverse working life. Working life must be modernized by negotiating, either between individuals or by collective bargaining. Apter is an active societal influencer also in his free time, with a passion to speak out and to develop sustainable systems in society.

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