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Nuoret Ekonomit Turku: Storytelling in Business

3.12.2019 16:30

Turun kauppakorkeakolu, luentosali 01

"Legacies are carved out of stories that transcend through the times. The power of storytelling has been known to the few who have their stories narrated to this very day. Whether it is Väinämöinen in the Kalevala, Steve Jobs in Apple or even Mufasa in Lion King! These characters share an inspiring narrative that can help us understand the very nature of Why they did WHAT they did?
Yet, another question remains in our minds. HOW can we start using the power of storytelling to share our own unique business ideas and visions of a better future?
Which is what Tarek Omran will uncover during this upcoming interactive business storytelling workshop. Tarek will share with you his award-winning secret formula for mastering speech writing, delivering your message and confidently owning the stage.

About Tarek Omran:
Tarek Omran is an international public speaking and pitching coach, who enjoys diving deep into why start-ups innovate and how can they dominate using the art of storytelling. Tarek's experiences in competitive 3-minute pitches fuelled his passion for teaching those very secrets he used on stage. His close ties to the healthcare academia and doctorate background inspired him to found Science Pitchers™ and he has given several storytelling workshops to change-makers at universities and entrepreneurial societies."
Nuoret Ekonomit comes to Turku with an exceptional speaker! Tarek Omran will share his best tips to giving speeches and sharpening the message in pitching your unique business idea in an interactive workshop. In addition to that, we get to enjoy tasty food, so it's enough that you sign up in time to the event and arrive with an open mind! Remember that there is a limited amount of spaces.
Tarek will be speaking English, but in the workshop part you get to use the language that you are most comfortable with.

16:30 Registration for the event and light lunch
17:00 Event starts: introduction, Julia Fesiuk & Viivi Koivuniemi, Suomen Ekonomit
17:15 Tarek Omran
19:45 Event ends

The event is for both student and graduate members of Suomen Ekonomit.


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Tarek Omran and Khalil Shahramian

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