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WEBINAR: David Szymanski: Find The Finnish Keys to Succeed Globally

18.5.2021 08:30

With our business world gone virtual, the distances between people are eliminated. Still the cultural differences are very present. In this webinar we will identify the Finnish model of organisation that we might be a little blind to. We will discuss the four dimensions of culture required to make sense of the world, and how closing the gaps between cultures can create business opportunities.

The speaker David Szymanski is a world citizen, who chose to make Finland his home some 20 years ago. Since then he has worked in senior leadership positions at Wärtsilä and consulted companies doing global business. He's born in Paris, France and holds a Master's degree in International Business from Rennes School of Business.

If you are doing business abroad, you are dealing with foreign cultures at work. This webinar is for you.

Register by 18 May at 8 am.

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18.5.2021 08:30


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