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WEBINAR: Finland - The Impossible Dream for Foreign Professionals?

12.5.2021 09:00

For the fourth time in a row, Finland has been named the Happiest Country in the World – But why is it so difficult to find a job as a foreign professional?

Despite it's growing presence in the global market, there is a severe talent drought in Finland. As a country, we are falling far behind our Nordic neighbours when it comes to attaining international talent, which has had a negative impact on Finland's rate of economic growth. In order to remain competitive and sustainable, Finland needs to gear up when it comes to embracing foreign professionals. Even though various initiatives are being taken by private and public organisations to make Finland more attractive and accessible to foreign professionals, Finnish companies need to understand what Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) are really all about and how it can contribute to their organisational success.

In the upcoming webinar, Steven ter Horst from Pointer Potential will outline what DEI actually means and how companies should implement it, so that it will have a long-lasting positive impact on their corporate employability, profitability and sustainability. When DEI is fully embraced by senior management and part of corporate strategy, chances are that Finland will become truly the happiest country for everyone. If you are curious to learn more about how everyone can help with making Finland more open to foreign talent, sign up!

About Pointer Potential

Pointer Potential is a new recruitment & staffing company, founded in March 2020. We aim to build bridges between Finnish companies and international professionals and graduates based in Finland. Many well-educated international talents in Finland are currently under- or unemployed, while an increasing number of Finnish companies struggle to find employees with the right competences. Pointer Potential wants to change this and contribute to a more sustainable Finland where everybody is truly happy. More information on our company at Pointer Potential.

This event will be given in English and is free of charge for all the members of Business School Graduates Community and student members.

Please register at the latest by 12 May 8 am.

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12.5.2021 09:00


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