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You will be hacked - How to protect yourself and your company from being a victim of hacking?

24.9.2024 14:30


Definition of hacking: "Act of gaining unauthorized access to a computer system, network, or data, typically with the intent to steal, manipulate, or destroy information, or to disrupt operations."

In today’s digital age, every company is essentially an IT organization, making them prime targets for hacking and online cyber crimes.

Individuals are not immune to these threats either. As more of our lives shift online, the risk of having our personal data stolen and misused increases with every new techology that emerges. Cyber crime is at an all-time high, growing more sophisticated and profitable each year. The criminals behind these attacks are more organized and better-equipped than ever before. 

A stark example of cyber crime is the attack on Vastaamo, a Finnish psychotherapy center in 2020. A criminal hacker accessed sensitive patient records and attempted to extort both the clinic and its patients, threatening to release personal information if their demands were not met. This incident highlights the severe consequences and vulnerabilities of cyber crime.

But there is hope. There are many strategies we can employ to protect ourselves and counter these malicious actors.

Join us for an eye-opening talk where we delve into the world of hacking and examine its profound impact on both our personal safety and the security of the organizations we work at.

Speaker: Laura Kankaala, Head of Threat Intelligence at F-Secure


Laura Kankaala is a security professional with an impressive career in fighting cyber crime, a podcaster for the popular podcast Turvakäräjät and a participant in a TV documentary on Yle called Team Whack. Kankaala is also a public speaker, giving informative speeches on cyber crime. 



Empower yourself with knowledge and take a stand against the digital threats lurking behind your screens.

Register by 24th of September at 14.00 at the latest. This event will be held in English.

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